Experience Comfort and Warmth with Heated Floors by Loney Plumbing Inc.

Wake up in the morning and get out of bed knowing that your feet will be warm when they touch the floor. We combine the newest technology with the most natural form of heating – hydronic, which means heat transported by water. The benefits of installing hydronic floors in your home are numerous, and here’s the top four.

  1. Clean air. Hydronic heating is free from airborne particles and dust, because it is a sealed system. Traditional heating systems with ductwork harbor dust that blows throughout the house when the fan turns on. People with allergies often prefer hydronic heating systems because they don’t distribute allergens like forced air systems can. Well-designed hydronic systems have pipes filled with water under every floor, can operate at lower temperatures, producing longer, gentler heating cycles that maintain relative humidity levels. Humidity is an important component of air quality to prevent sore throats and dry skin in the winter months when the heat is turned on.
  2. Even heat zones. Uniform heating throughout the home is possible, because unlike the forced air systems using vents to distribute heat throughout a room, underfloor heating warms the entire floor. This leads to an evenly heated room and even ambient temperature without the presence of cold zones.
  3. Energy efficiency. One of the most important issues facing home builders today is designing systems that effectively reduce energy consumption. Challenge accepted; our team of Red Seal plumbers embrace new technology designed to meet new climate change goals for energy consumption. Hydronic heating is more efficient than baseboard or forced-air heating because it eliminates duct losses, stores heat longer, and creates even heat.
  4. Quiet operation. How relaxing or important is a quiet home to you? Escaping irritating ambient noise is one of the most important factors to fight day-to-day stress. Quiet homes help us sleep better, concentrate deeper when we work in our home office, and provide destressing refuge from the hustle-bustle of daily living. With hydronic in-floor heating, there’s no loud furnace to kick in, and no fans running.

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