Clean Water for Healthy Living

Clean water is vital to good health and the water treatment and filtration systems available today ensure the potable water we drink and cook with, is safe. A common recommendation is to drink six 8 fl. oz glasses of water per day to avoid dehydration, but this amount is dependent on seasonal requirements (heat/dry climate), our age, and how much we exercise. When you turn on your tap, it’s comforting to know your drinking water is clean and free of harmful agents. Whether your water comes from a municipal source or well, there are many opportunities for contaminants to enter the water. High levels of minerals can affect the taste of the water and make the operation of appliances and plumbing less efficient because of mineral buildup.

The benefits of a home water filtration system

The benefits of a home water filtration system

  • Removes unwanted odours and taste from drinking water
  • Protects appliances from premature failure by removing sediment
  • Reduces potential plumbing issues
  • Removes unhealthy chemicals from drinking water
  • Saves on soap and cleans clothes better

Individuals with sensitive skin or who experience skin conditions can suffer from exposure to chlorine and other chemicals in untreated water. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, soft water leaves you feeling cleaner after a shower or bath. Another perk is that soap lasts longer and clothes come out of the washing machine cleaner.

Our NOVO Water Conditioning water treatment systems are the superior choice for health and the maintenance of your plumbing.

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